The flag of Haea

Haea is a city located in the Danean Plateau region of the Aenarn Ocean. The city is entirely built off land. It stands on concrete stilts protruding out of the seabed in a shallow area of the ocean.

Etymology Edit

History Edit

The city was designed and built in 2027 by a multinational team of architects, scientists and engineers.

Utilities Edit

The city is powered by geothermal power plants using energy from magma vents on the sea floor.

Culture and sights Edit

Aquarium Edit

Haea houses the largest underwater aquarium on Escodrion which has a direct link to the ocean so the marine animal life can come and go as it pleases.

Politics Edit

The city is entirely self-governed acting as an independent city-state. The city is governed by a mayor who is elected by the residents.